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tv   Congressional Reaction to State of the Union Speech  CSPAN  January 30, 2018 11:48pm-1:02am EST

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>> watch c-span's "washington journal", five every morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern. >> wednesday, a review of the state of the union address with susan collins, and house intelligence committee adam schiff. we join the conversation with mike l, live at 8:00 a.m. eastern on c-span2. >> once said, discussion on trump state of the union address moderated by bob schaffer. starts at 5:30 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> another chance to see congress with their reaction to the president's first state of the union address from statuary hall in the capital.
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>> good evening, this is continuing live coverage of seats spent to president trumps first state of the union address. you might recognize wherever standing and camped out with other media outlets. this is national statuary hall, not far from where the president spoke. speak, tradition for them to come out talk to reporters. we'll do this for an hour so as we line up members of both sides of the aisle. the first member is congressman chris collins of western new york. good evening. >> it's great to be with you. proud to have been the first member of congress to endorse president trump for congress. active in the campaign and now he gave a fact-based speech about our economy, how it's booming, the stock markets and
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the great work we did on the tax reform. it was an inspirational speech, a call for america to be better, to be great. he talked about the things we have yet to achieve. for some of those still struggling living in poverty, we need to find them and get them skills and jobs. it was a great speech. my only disappointment was the partisan divide on the floor. time after time standing ovations by republicans and with the exception of joe mansion who stood with us, the rest of the democrats set on their hands, i'll just use the word disappointing. >> the president said we should come together and find common ground, how is that possible at this point? >> it's possible on
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infrastructure. i think it's possible and immigration. should also be possible when we fund our military, we said democrat standing on that as well to in the sequester on defense spending. i think we need to build on those moments. it will come down to conversation on daca. if we can get that over the finish line talking about border security and ending chain migration perhaps i could be the start. president trump reached out across the we saw a few nuggets a possible agreement. >> paint a picture of western new york that has seen its share of difficult times economically.
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>> we are new york state which is the highest tax, lease business from the state and nation. we continue to lose population. progressive governor in the country is driving business out of the state. packers jobs in the future for children. it has devastated western new york, but new york is new york and it's a dark blue state. >> congressman, thank you for joining us. >> as we continue this one from brooklyn, new york. good evening, what did you think? >> i'm proud to be from new york think governor cuomo is doing a tremendous job. i thought the speech was filled
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with one misrepresentation after another. barack obama and eight years created 14 million plus private sector jobs. the notion this economic turnaround has begun in the past sears a fiction. >> what is that phrase in sentiment mean to you? >> loosing one divisive moment after the next. his steering people apart. he talks a good game but it's not clear that he means it. the proof is in the pudding. we'll see what happens over the next few weeks and months. >> when you make of the four pillars.
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>> it had miss representation in particular when he talked about chain migration. those invented by some on the right to demonize people under a program that's called family reunification. consistent with the american dream on the notion that we welcome folks to make it in this country. he seems to not understand that dynamic. >> the congressman said there's going to be a bill, a lot of work to do and weeks ahead. what you see happening? >> mitch mcconnell has promised that there would be a vote on the dreamers or perhaps a better package of immigration reform. we have not seen that promise from paul ryan. it's not clear that be any
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movement in the house of representatives. he needs to call paul ryan and say there should be a bipartisan bill in nature. if that happens when other will pass. >> thank you. >> let's go to another democratic member of the house, sheila jackson from the houston texas area. how are things picking up. >> houstonians are resilient. we have a great local team that was a reason why i was deeply disappointed tonight. a fleeting moment of accolades for rescuers and first responders in the coast guard to which i stand united.
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but nothing about the presidents commitment to help us that has not happened, the money we need to rebuild is more than $81 billion that's now in place for everyone, puerto rico, and texas texas was devastated. it's been proven that hurricane harvey was the most catastrophic storm in the united states. i thought that was a great disappointment. i don't think he role understands the role government. >> the president laid out what he called his four pillars. i want to ask you special from a border state his current thoughts and immigration and
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where it will gone congress. >> i had hope the president would heal the nation tonight. one of the ways would be to talk in a manner about immigration reform. one of my guest tonight was a dreamer. i don't think the four pillars heels the nation norley set up platform for discussion. he has misinterpreted legal immigration, family unification is not chain migration. we do not suggest that these people did not have merit. then to talk about a wall rather than personnel and technology. then to agitate the international family by talking about nuclear proliferation on
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attack north korea which we know is a bad actor and why did the president mentioned he did not mention the greatest adversary, russia. but he wants to attack other world entities tonight that doesn't create unity or world peace, he spoke to the base tonight, that's all he did. >> in the general sense where to give the president credit? >> i think he gave himself credit that says he told the story of the economy. i'm excited when americans do well. that worked under president obama when we spent $800 in a program. let me think tell you one thing
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is the respect for our federal law enforcement, i think this attack on the singular most known federal law-enforcement agency that i work with you have not done without mention. should indicate that we all work together in respect law-enforcement i look forward to helping americans benefit from the constitution. >> thank you for coming back. >> as we continue talking here in statue rachel here is the republican of south carolina.
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the president wants $1.5 trillion of infrastructure activity generated by folks working together how do you see that comment about? >> i think there'll be a strong solution i don't know if he gets ritually and in the half dollars, the difficult question is, how do you pay for it. it's highly up for it in these budget times. >> what else did you hear that caught your attention? >> the closing chapter on korea was ominous. it was an open-ended? on what comes next.
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the? with regard to executive branch power nuclear missiles can lead to strange things. that was anonymous close. what you heard on immigration was predictable. i'm economy. you heard a boilerplate of issues that are really no surprise to anybody. think there is a number personal anecdotes that marked the speech. >> were coming off a brief government shutdown. eight or nine days away from potentially another one, what you make of the way the government is doing its business? >> i don't think anybody is happier now. funding government by short-term
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resolution is disastrous. defense cannot plan a one month increments. i think it hurts the agencies that are well-run it hurts the taxpayer and it leads to unnecessary upheaval because each one of these budget inquiries represents leverage. >> thank you for joining us. we move on to the democratic side of the with sandy levin into michigan democrat. the president did touch on trade in the speech, what did you hear? >> he talked about jobs coming back here, but the key is to and
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the outsourcing for mexico? so far the administration has not made sure they'll stand firmly and make sure they change the structure that lowers industry and other industries to mexico. >> where are you now what the tax bill that was with the economy. >> it turns out most of the growth occurred under president obama. the increase in gross domestic product was less this last time that i was before. we'll see.
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they're trying to say the tax cut will bring economic growth. these huge deficits are likely to work in opposite direction. >> the president put out 1.5 trillion for infrastructure related activity. what you think of the number awarded think congress can go on this issue? >> let's so much else it was taken out of the air. there's no concrete proposal on how we would attack the infrastructure needs. in that sense it was hollow. at times i felt i was at a campaign speech. so much on immigration i thought i was at a campaign speech a year and half ago. we talked about it in terms of
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games reminded me of the way he talked about immigrants from mexico and they were all critics and rapists. and they talked about a gay person i had with refurbishing to cover her husband was in jail, was picked out of the blue with children that are american citizens, he had committed a crime in a very violent 130 years ago. they pick him up and put them in jail. when he talked about immigration in terms of gangs, thought it was it dangerous approach. >> thank you for joining us tonight. as we continue to get reaction
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we are join now by congresswoman brendan lawrence. thank you for being here, thank you for correcting us. what is you here tonight? >> it was a very long speech. he said a lot of the right things but there are in conflict with his policies. that is a consulting firm to say americans are dreamers too. we understand we dream but the dreamers we have labeled and we know our immigration issues. the nondecision ability i talked to dreamer today who is six months old and a college students any minimize that and to be so focused on this illegal immigrant gang. what about fighting the crime
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that's not by immigrants. summative areas, gun-control but he said a couple things on track, one was funding of the infrastructure and one was an apprenticeship program. for us to pass laws where we can get drugs, experimental drugs so we can live is extremely important. >> what would you like to see happen in the transportation committee? >> i like to see how to fund it. there's not a person that doesn't recognize it. the devil is in the details. the president is trying to flip the formal, it's not quite work 80/20, but i think we do have
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opportunities for private investment. i want to start doing work. >> as we wrap up your dressed in black tonight. tell us why and about the red button on your shoulder. >> my guest and it was the reporter, daniel mcguire. she wrote about that we see taylor is a young mother in 1944 who is raped by six white men. the printed killer and said if you tell anyone we will kill you. she had the political courage to speak up. we'll talk about me to in times of spout women having the courage to stand up and not be a victim. we know what happened in michigan state one of the
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victims stood up and she said today no longer a victim. receipt terrible was a woman in jim crow who had the courage to do that. this is in unison with the african communities that this president has labeled. were saying these countries, so many of us are descendents of, were standing tall in solidarity. i'm standing for women who are standing with my african community and vitamin diversity visa. >> from the state of michigan, thank you for joining us. >> thank you continuing on,
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thank you for joining us. let me ask you, how have things been going? >> if you look at it from the freeway you would think houston is doing fine. pony going to the neighborhood if i'm not just houses but neighborhoods with repair still needed. i made a note on harvey because i wanted to make sure i got most of it right. he said we are with you, we love you, we will pull through this together but he didn't say anything about the $81 billion that the house side. i love him and that's a part of what i'm taught of my christian faith.
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i'm also taught to be of service to those who need help. it's time for the president to deliver on the promise of a and all the victims of harvey. >> let me take you to the issue of immigration. texas being a border state. what's reasonable and practical? he said not everybody can get everything they want. how is this playing out in the weeks and months ahead? >> if they don't require people to capitulate. the president gives up a deal says here it is, i assume we can give a counter offer. when the president says he wants to end the visas that's it very difficult for those who believe in diversity.
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and he said he would and family reunification. that's difficult for those who have family members they would like to get here. i regret that the president could and now without negotiating. i think there's something more. they cast it put it on the table. i think you once and this in the senate. so 51 votes will do it. i think it's a clever way for him to get democrats to do what he would nor normally do and then have him say i gave you a deal and you wouldn't take it. now let's go 51 votes. >> you mentioned impeachment several times on the floor.
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why are you pushing this and how much longer would you push this on the floor. >> i love my country. you can have the promises first. a republic if you will is what franklin said we had now. because we have a president and to have this become policy tweeting that transgender person should not be in the military, that tweet was his effort to make that policy and indicating that certain country in africa are -- countries. but the tweeting that there have
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in a dialogue on immigration it could be there creating race-based these are the kinds of things that are because they cause harm to american society you asked why was doing it it's because i love my how long we continue to push this in the floor? he will be subject to impeachment as lengthy as president because of the firing of the fpa director, mr. comey. when he fired mr. comey and it went on national tv in prime time and explained it was related to the relish tray russia thing, my dear friend, and friends at home, impeachment
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is not judicial, it's political. all of what that the political aspect is called for impeachment with is interfering of investigation of his campaign involvement russians have been trying to deal in our campaigns and we have a duty to investigate it. the president cannot interfere with any subject to impeachment. >> thank you for joining us tonight. >> moving on we now have congressman from illinois thank you for being here. what did you hear that spoke to
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mouse? i think he laid out a plan for immigration that not many people expected. infrastructure and rebuilding the military. i wish she would talk more about alga culture which is why brought jason, i'm glad he highlighted the need to be bipartisan. was the lack of by partisanship. it led to others getting shot on the baseball field. i think the president to the same thing during the speech. >> please step into the camera. please tell us why you're here to what did you take from the experience. >> i was a member of the baseball game and got shot in a appreciate the president talking
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by partisanship and what the police stood at the baseball game and also rebuilding our military. >> what was that moment during that shooting? i was that up so by? >> i was just running to get away. then i saw officers trying to get off the field and members taking care of me. >> see other guests has another occupation as well, professional baseball player play for the phillies, the washington nationals tell us about your experience. >> were working with these guys with organic farming, i was inspired. i felt like it was a great time
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to be an american and i thought president trump to the great job. he had all the points i was inspired. >> let me go back for a moment. transportation infrastructure, the $1.5 trillion figure being thrown out by the president for lots of different types of folks to get together and create that activity. what's realistic and congress in houston? >> i hope any plan will be realistic. if the president is talking about $1.5 trillion plan, if they're talking about a direct investment of 200 or $250 that's five times as much in the stimulus bill that borrowed a chilean and only used about 6%
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if we can do that, i hope the democrats can open up the debate for a long-term highway trust run if we can't get by partisanship on this because i don't want your present trump a victory. >> he has different twitter habits and a lot of us have. i want to say that the president gets so much critiqued by so many that sometimes what he's done people would not have expected this is a president presiding over -- we have historic tax cuts, foreign-policy 66 is that get overrun by the 24 hour news cycle and by what he tweets that
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day. >> thank you for joining us. thank you for the guess who came as well. >> hello. let's plan congressman brad sherman from california. good evening. what did you hear from the president and the foreign-policy area that may have interested you the most are concerned in the most. >> what concerns me as he talks like he'll prevent north korea from having a nuclear weapon. but he's continuing the same policy we've had. if anything they've made more progress in the last year than any other time. but he is not willing to do is
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cause beijing to even wonder if they might lose access to the u.s. market. as long as they feel like they have free access to the american market in china will not change its policy toward north korea north korea one change its policy toward developing missiles. >> what about the debate over russia? what is coming from the white house was coming from the hill? so much news and friction. what's your take on the russia story? >> he has to fight the law today huge bipartisan majority pestilent that said we have to sanction the companies doing business with the intelligence agencies of russia. today the state department announced they didn't feel like it. that's a new attitude toward law enforcement.
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>> the president spent a good chunk of a speech talking about the economy and the benefits of the tax bill and the rising stock market. what you see now in the country economically happening? >> we are in a six-year way, 2017 was good that as good as the prior five years under obama but it was good. we hope for good and strong 2018. >> thank you for joining us. >> continuing with congressman jeff of the brassica. the big question is appropriations, render temporary funding now may be a week left before cr a longer-term bill is needed. all happen?
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>> it will be an intense week. the issue daca and what to do with young people brought here against their will along with the necessary reforms are the components of a deal so the preconditions are right those have sympathies for young people who want to make sure that never happens again. you can have charity outta chaos. that's a key to unlocking budget difficulties moving forward. >> what about the spending caps to set the standards and cabs so long-term bill can happen, what's going on there? >> the artificial constraints actually did help reduce some budget. it's a proxy for this and it has
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created stagnation in government and programs needed to help people vulnerable. >> there is a -- >> through the years it has been quite intense. it is ebbed and flowed for various issues that arise, healthcare been a significant one it continues to hurt many people that have been priced out of the markets. immigration is a big issue and what to do about it. america's impulses to be generous. it with lack of enforcement in the interior you can have generosity through chaos.
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the fixed immigration is the key to immunity in the congress and then move forward to something construction like infrastructure and rethinking programs that are smart and effective. >> thank you for your time tonight. >> continuing to statuary hall with congressman of virginia. thank you for joining us. the president said then send the sequester when it comes to defense anything? >> that's perfect. it's done harm to military readiness. talking about restoring our ability to meet the challenges you name them off, russia, china, north korea and iran to build that last readiness to
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build this line of continuing resolutions. it's good to hear him say what is going to do. >> how do you get there, and how soon? >> we have an opportunity to set aside the sequester make sure those things happen. that's the first step to make it occur. the key is for congress to do its job. i believe budgets needs to be done and i have a no budget, no pay. the same with their vacation time in august. if not, the house should not be able to leave town in august. if you made sure they suffer consequences some things would start to get done.
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then you're not pushed up against the end of the budget year. that happened to you after year. were 20 plus years of doing this and continuing resolutions. >> were to you see things going, and how is the president doing in that particular area? they need to make sure that china plays an active role there is building a nuclear weapon and an intercontinental ballistic missile put enough pressure on the to get them to stop. it will have to include a very aggressive effort. the congress press that as well. very effective player and they
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want to make sure that all options on the table. we're not like to pursue the military option but you can't take that off. goes north korea is a tremendously scary situation that our country does not want to find itself in. >> thank you for joining us. >> back to democratic saturday i'll to joe crowley in queens and parts of bronx. what did you make of the speech. >> i found it very divisive i think they agree that it's too high the new american moment but
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i can say that it's what russia attempted to do the president everyone should mention that throughout the speech tonight. they look at the tax bill what's your take on where we are now as things get started. >> it's had a negative impact on my district. many of my constituents will go up. that's unfortunate. but anymore fortunate is a missed opportunity.
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the president talks about infrastructure will get the money for that 80% will benefit on 50%. >> what else did you here tonight? >> i heard the president to extend the hostage taking as a pretense to immigration. if you add the protective status is a quarter million more. it's time to start taking hostages i negotiate a real bill. >> thank you for joining us tonight. >> moving on with senator jeff merkley. >> good to be with you. i have leonardo with me. >> let's get your reaction to
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speech in the area of immigration. >> the speech was terrific. the president chose to use gangsters of the syllable immigrants. unless your hundred% native american, very few of us are commenced a meaning to all of us. our parents came here to build this great country. immigrants are the substance and fabric with which we built this nation. was very strange to hear from the american president. >> how did you meet your guess? >> i wanted to have a dreamer here because the issue of the community member that have come from far away but grew up and now hard at work have had their legal status ripped away.
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so unfair and unjust to do that. the presidents responsible for and i thought it was important to evoke out of him the moments when he said he had a great hartford dreamers. we do not hear that tonight. >> where you from? >> salem, oregon. >> what is your story? >> we been organizing our community and what it means to be undocumented in our community. it's the main thing opportunity and privilege to be here today in the space is continuing to humanize the conversation
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sometimes that can be more conceptual and we forget about that on a daily basis. we have 11000 and oregon affected by this. >> how concerned are you about the progress of this debate. >> i'm concerned. i feel like it's been a conversation for everybody. like those who lose in this have those who are being affected by it. the american people want a solution. 80% are behind the dream act. and i'm concerned about where
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it's going. >> back to the senator. one of our earlier guest said and intense debate will be taken place in washington in the next week. how do you see things playing out? >> i'm concerned that there has not been movement towards resolving the basic spending bill though supposedly in place in september but the republican colleagues were first obsessed with trying to pass a bill that would rip healthcare away. then they spent their time on a tax bill but then over a trillion dollars they neglected all the fundamentals of governing. having your basic spending bill so here we are.
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were symbolic of that. it's killing more people than automobiles are killing. they did nothing to resolve this. including refinancing or reauthorizing this. these clinics are beloved on both sides of the aisle. my republican colleagues cannot bring themselves to address something that would improve healthcare. >> jeff merkley, thank you. >> on out to another member of the house, thank you for joining us. speak to us about farm services
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and what you heard today? >> i agree that prosperity and peace are here and we have to appropriate the money. that's pervy of congress. we all stand and applaud that every year and then we don't do it. i was amazed of my colleagues on both sides of the aisle like where were we in december, let's re- appropriate the dollars in support and fund our military. >> a shutdown circus you call. where things going in the appropriations pot process this next week? >> what we need to do and what we have passed in the house is an actual appropriation. measures passed in the house and senate and signed for
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authorization by the president. let's appropriate the dollars and get it out of the way. the president is correct. i thought he made a concerted effort to reconnect lawmakers to the american people. the capital doesn't want us, blogs to week, the people. that was a good reminder to all of us. >> what is the mood appear like these days? >> sums of the popularity of congress was 16%, but was surprised it was that high. the mood is that were getting things done and we need to continue to move on it. the president said some of that tonight. he laid out his immigrant points. congress needs to do immigration
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law but the fact that we know what his priorities are we can see if the branches can come together. >> thank you for joining us. >> we continue on getting reaction from members of congress for the president stated the union speech. he will release his budget in the next several weeks. a member of the budget committee is joining us now, what are you looking forward to when the time comes from the president on the budget? >> you lay down several things that most members of congress are interested in. when he talked about crumbling infrastructure, i agree. will we identify strategy in the budget plan to get to infrastructure spending?
12:39 am
and will that look like a balance between public partnerships and said local bodies of government, and are these private partnerships going to be meaningful and accountable? i need the detail in the budget values, sin interesting roadmap. i'm hoping to see that another areas. i'm hoping to see the third, the trifecta. will there be resources and strategies about the opiate epidemic. other going to be government investments and strategies to the pharmaceutical industry accountable? >> two things i was disappointed in, i think after your first year you talk about where were
12:40 am
going and give more details. so broad sweeping statements into the statements i felt like we went back to the inauguration speech we talked about being anti- trade for talked about making sure we don't support nations in his view about how they're supporting us. and i thought the immigration statements were more campaign rhetoric that did not get to the fact that we have an obligation to address these issues. the way in which she approached it and the lack of facts, i was disappointed. >> your chair of the hispanic caucus, tell us about what you've heard from the president or what you would like to see happen. >> here's an easy one. you really need the president to not perpetuate to's grandmother
12:41 am
tori falsehoods about immigrant communities, tying them to being gang members and criminal offenders. that's an appropriate. instead of family unification and diversity visas, it's not helpful. we want americans and our voters to we have different strategies to address issues but when you disagree you have a meaningful opportunity. as a chairwoman we passed that these not come out of the white house. >> the democrat from new mexico. thank you for joining us.
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>> moving on to our next guest. tells what he thought of the speech. >> i was thrilled and proud to be an american. it was unifying. he laid out a clear vision. >> setting aside differences is something he brought up earlier in the speech, finding common ground and getting things done. said doable? >> we will continue to negotiate in good faith. i'm happy to talk to anyone in and everyone. >> what are you hearing these days? >> i think they're excited and optimistic. i think they see the president has offered a compromise and they are optimistic we can get it done.
12:43 am
>> the department of homeland security we have the borders and enforcement as well. we enforce immigration laws of this country. >> your the secretary of homeland security, what to do your from the president that will be the biggest lift for you? >> 's been clear that he's offered up a compromise in his laid out the core pillars of the deal. >> is there enough money out there to do the job that needs to be done? >> absolutely. it's just targeting it. they been able to specify where we need wall and technology.
12:44 am
will work with congress and explain it to make sure they understand what it is that we need. >> what is a reasonable? what can work and how soon? >> i think what he has proposed can work. he showing his compassion, the number that is offering a path to citizenship is three times and chain migration he's talking about unifying the nuclear family. we can't do that today we have over 400 million and a black log. let's change a visa so we have people coming here who have skills. is more than 80 ways to come here. changing the diversity visa allow some flexibility in that.
12:45 am
>> thank you for joining us. >> back to a member of the u.s. house of representatives bill, thank you for joining us. >> i thought the speech was disciplined and well delivered. the best speech i've seen the president give since he's been on the national scene. >> your small business owner, tell us your name and what you do. >> my name is zach and i own several businesses. >> what you want to say tonight in terms of your area of expertise and what you got out of being here. >> it was a great experience. i'm honored to be here. 's first tax reform goes is helping us. slowing us have the opportunity to pay more wages, avocations,
12:46 am
by the location instead of renting and competing against the big guys. >> the critique said that it is not for everybody, what's your reaction? >> they are so off-base. racine large and small companies in michigan we have the three largest office furniture makers. we have food processors, they're all benefiting. and, their employees are benefiting. for some to throughout the notion that this is crumbs that doesn't mean a thing is off-base. well over 50% of families can't come up with a thousand dollars to fix a car repair or take a trip to the dr..
12:47 am
receive those increases in wag wages, that's real dollars. >> what's next on the agenda? >> were doing was securities and exchange commission. i just march a claim yesterday and we will try to make sure we have the deepest, most liquid markets in the united states. we've done some things that of change that. it's time to open on backup. chairman clayton is committed to doing that big in sure what men and women invested in college funds or retirement funds are protected. >> i'm in my fourth term.
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>> how would you describe the mood? >> is challenging. what you saw tonight was a president must begin with a reputation as hyper- partisan and trying to reach out. the chairwoman of the hispanic caucus of the secretary of dhs back to back talking about immigration. the largest hispanic population in michigan. everything from highly educated folks and workers and i think there's a lot of us in congress that now we need to tackle this and take it on head on.
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>> there's a lot there. do you see piecemeal legislation? what will the key points be? >> i called the coalition of the -- after marriott was somethings you like and some you don't. the other side might like some of it might not. when he's talking about border integrity and trying to make sure were ending the extended migration family ability to immigrate but offering 1.8 million people the opportunity for citizenship is big. i think folks on the right are nervous about that. they maybe feel like it needs to go further. i think there's an area that we can have commonality.
12:50 am
i'm married to an immigrant was from canada originally, whether it's cambodia, canada, or cameroon the system is broken. >> i appreciate your time tonight, thank you. >> will stay here for a few more minutes gather another guest or two. you can watch the president's speech on the democratic response anytime at you can call tomorrow at 7:00 o'clock eastern time good evening. >> thank you for the update. what are your takeaways from the speech?
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>> this is more subdued. it was less bombastic than you would see him give somewhere else. in that way it was different, but i do think he issued a few recycle promises like infrastructure package on the page family bill which have not come from the white house in the past years he also missed an opportunity to talk about the pressing issues of our time. the me to movement and what that means for the women of this nation. also, he did not talk about russia interference in the elections. the greatest interference we've seen from a foreign power. instead of looking back he did not talk about how will look in the future. there were key issues he failed to address. so piecemeal, comprehensive, what is that?
12:52 am
>> we have to be optimistic. i thought it was a promising first step for the present tissue in writing what he wants to see. before that he was going back and forth. putting it in writing was a good first step. i disagree with some of those demands and cannot support a bill that look like that right now. spent part of a large negotiation. will try to get it done in february but most certainly march 5. >> what are the more pressing issues? >> in terms of foreign affairs a relationship with russia and how we hold them accountable, the
12:53 am
fact that they have refused to pass her congress has, that could be leading us towards a constitutional crisis for the president and executive branch not to impose the sanctions the legislative branch and the constitutional authority would be a big problem. also, north korea and the fact that it has been one of saber rattling. instead of marshaling the world to impose the strongest sanctions on north korea they've ever seen so, these issues are of peace in the middle east and the fact that the president has gone back and forth between one state and two state solution and that has been troubling. >> in your take on the russian
12:54 am
probe? >> you basically have three main probes, the house and tell, the senate in telling robert mueller's investigation. i hope to visit with more witnesses. i suspect it will take many more months to complete. >> thank you for joining us. >> we have a democratic congressman from illinois, i will ask you to pronounce your leslie. >> what did you make of the speech? >> it was an hour and 20 minutes long, but they are 15 market was in sure is going to catch my flight home. but it wrapped up and he had nice sentiments have to about
12:55 am
unity and coming together. there is not enough substance. his actions in the past year don't match up with the rhetoric. at least on a few issue my my interest was piqued. >> everyone wants to get on the up escalator of the economy. they want to get in the middle class and stand the middle class and have a successful small business. everything is that they want to feel good about their government, their presidents, about how people are being treated people are treated with dignity. whether you're a dreamer, and immigrant, what have you.
12:56 am
those are some of the sentiments him. >> what are the most important points for you to remember to work on behalf of your constituents? >> i was interested in career and technical vocation. i'm the lead democrat in the house and the passage of the modernization of the funding loss. it passed unanimously through the house. i wish she had said that's called for vote, that would be a boost for our economy. like to see more sentiment at the white house about taking action. >> long you been in congress? >> the second year of my first term. >> how is that been so far?
12:57 am
>> it's been a roller coaster ride. it's an honor to serve. it's an honor to represent them. >> thank you. >> continuing on with interviews and members of congress. thank you for joining us tonight. what with the takeaways to night? >> i thought he spent time on empty promises but little deta detail. he gave a fairly divisive speech the proposed change in immigration policy that allows families to stay together and proposed using the dreamers as ransom for his extremists policies. i was offended. >> will check to see happen with
12:58 am
immigration what's doable? >> we need to pass a clean dream act. if they allowed that would have an overwhelming bipartisan majority would vote in favor of it. put it on the floor and allow us to vote. we need to do with immigration reform. we certainly don't need to be extremist butter immigration policy and throughout our history the american policy being a beacon of light for the world and allowing people who are oppressed to come to this country. >> let's talk about money, spending, and appropriations. we are under short-term government funding. what is the path forward and how to get there?
12:59 am
>> it it isn't what the president proposed which is to in the sequester and take the caps off the defense budget. i'm all for making sure we have a strong military. we need to have a budget deal of the full budget deal that raises the caps and illuminates the sequester. if we live cr to cr as republicans have allowed us to, that's grossly irresponsible. no family or business could sustain themselves. were trying to sustain the country on a month to month budget. we need to work together and hammer out a budget deal. haven't been willing to do that. >> on that larger area as we anticipate the budget plan what are you looking for two? >> the glasses have filled person.
1:00 am
i hope there be a budget to make the investments we need to continue to allow the economies to grow. the president claims are bogus tonight. we've had the slowest growth rate of job since 2010. some of the jobs he's getting credit for were created when president obama were in office. so transparency would be nice. bringing at the outset republicans and democrats on the budget committee together so we can hammer out the priorities to the country move forward together. . .
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